Kosmas Enterprises comprises a portfolio of companies and investments across a range of industries. These include training, entrepreneurship, property investment, bespoke and designer clothing, laundry services, business enterprise, and services to the short-term property rental market. Our business is founded on core philosophies and we remain true to our beliefs in everything we do. We believe in diversification, establishing value before growth, controlling risks, and undertaking sufficient research to know what we are investing in, and why – whether that be a business enterprise, property or commodity.


Our core companies and brands are:

NXG Enterprises

provides training and support programmes to motivate, enthuse and empower young people aged 14–24, and bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace.

City Estate Solutions

is a property development company specialising in high density city centre mixed-use schemes and student accommodation developments. It also offers clients off-market development land and property investment opportunities.

Ruth’s Pantry

Ruth’s Pantry is a vertically integrated and fully sustainable foods company, providing high quality foods from farm to table. With a core purpose of contributing to healthy living, whilst making a positive social impact.

From Idea 2 Income

a comprehensive step-by-step guide to business enterprise presented in straightforward, easy to understand language and written by serial entrepreneur, Michael Kosmas.

City Host

a premium, flexible, short-term property rental service.


Through our venture fund, we invest in start-up businesses on a yearly basis. 

We also scout for investment opportunities in business ventures that have synergy with our existing portfolio or where there is a clear value we can add to the venture.


Investment Philosophy

We believe that investing in a diversified set of assets is the best way to generate superior long-term returns. Our asset allocation primarily falls within these four asset classes:

  • Equity (business) investments: common stocks, private equity, venture capital, among others.
  • Real estate: commercial, residential real estate, among others.
  • Commodities: gold, silver, among others.
  • Currencies: cryptocurrencies.

The core tenets of our philosophy are:

Value Then Growth

we combine the discipline of a value investor with the imagination of a growth investor. This approach controls risk, while capturing the significant growth potential of undiscovered small companies.

The Importance of Risk Control

our approach demands a margin of safety before we invest. We believe that preservation of capital is the essential component of durable long-term investment success.

Research Matters

we seek to build an information edge by performing thorough, fundamental research.


Our Start-Up Investment Philosophy:

We look for businesses with the following characteristics:

  • A business we can understand, and that has a sustainable model and an existing cash flow.
  • A business with committed and passionate founder(s).
  • A business with significant barriers to entry, recurring cash flows, and high returns on invested capital.
  • A predictable business in which the past is a reasonable guide to the future. We ask: is technology disrupting, helping, or hindering?
  • A business that serves a purpose and creates a win-win for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, and shareholders.

If you are an entrepreneur or a brand, and you are currently seeking investment or partnership, we can help. Contact us now to see how we could work together to achieve a win-win solution.