Michael Kosmas is a high achiever, a hands-on problem solver and a creative thinker who enjoys finding innovative approaches to business and management. He relishes the opportunity to take on new challenges and achieve new levels of success. Michael has a wide range of experience in business enterprise, the public sector, property development, media and the entertainment industries.


He has entrepreneurship in his blood. He can demonstrate a proven track record of proposing and executing business ideas, and – most importantly – making them financially viable. His business journey began while he was still at school, selling confectionery and designer clothes to his peers. Despite his natural inclination for enterprise, when he left school he acquired a job in retail banking. However, he soon realised the nine-to-five world was not for him. Having had a taste of autonomy, his entrepreneurial spirit rebelled against being constrained.

The next stop was university – and when faced with the prospect of financing a university education, his entrepreneurial ability came to the fore once more. Michael established  NXG (Next Generation ) Enterprises. NXG’s mission is to empower young people to take their first steps into the world of work. In 2010, the work Michael and NXG did with young people throughout London was recognised at the London Peace Awards, where he was presented with the Diversity Award by then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Today, NXG is still thriving and serves over 1000 young people per year.

Since then, Michael has distilled his knowledge, experience and insight into From Idea 2 Income, which is both a book and a brand. It equips people with everything they need to plan and launch a sustainable business venture, and is based on over fifteen years of business experience and success.

As a top-calibre entrepreneur, he has a keen instinct for spotting businesses and industries with potential, and this has led him to build and invest in a diverse range of enterprises and industries.

His main role now is as CEO of Kosmas Enterprises, the umbrella company that manages his business interests. Kosmas Enterprises currently comprises six distinct brands and growing.

In addition to his business acumen, Michael has a knack for getting the best out of people, whether that’s identifying and developing someone’s skills and abilities, building the team into an effective unit or developing productive working relationships with people at all levels.

Michael believes that investing in a diversified set of assets is the best way to generate superior long-term returns. Risk is an integral element of being an entrepreneur, but ensuring those risks are calculated and controlled is the hallmark of an entrepreneur who has gained wisdom through experience.